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Security and foreign policy are controversial, yet a public debate rarely takes place. Even politicians bemoan a lack of public interest in security and foreign policy, while accusing the public of ignorance and being out of touch with reality should a public debate take place. This blog aims to add to an evolving, critical discussion of current as well as fundamental questions and problems of security and foreign policy. It will cover aspects of international and domestic security as well as how society deals with technical and other risks. This blog is run by the professorship for international organizations of Christopher Daase at the University of Frankfurt, Germany and profits from a substantial involvement of students and researchers. Further, broader participation is welcome. As this blog is hosted at a German university, the wealth of the articles is in German. An increasing amount of articles is also available in English however, which is probably also why you are reading this specific site in the first place.

Editors / Administration

is run by a team of two and can be reached by mail here: Martin Schmetz

Martin Schmetz - Martin

Studied political science and peace and conflict research in Darmstadt, Seoul and Frankfurt and is now a PhD student in Frankfurt. Focuses on cyber security, pop culture and East Asia, with a special interest in the Korean peninsula. [Articles] [Twitter]
Andrea Jonjic Andrea Jonjic - seditioni Studied political science in Frankfurt. Mostly writes about cyber security, internet and society and social science on the internet. [Articles] Can be contacted at me[at]seditioni[dot]de (Mail/xmpp).

Frequent authors are:

Philipp OffermannPhilipp Offermann - pano Political scientist and ethnologist. Interested in cyber security, pop cultural topics and social sciences on the internet. [Articles]

Christopher DaaseChristopher Daase - cdaase

Professor for international organization at Goethe-University Frankfurt and runs the research projekt "The Transformation of Security Culture". On this blog, he focuses on security policy and culture in Germany. [Articles]

Stefan Engert

Stefan Engert - sengert

Peace- and conflict researcher. Blogs about different places and topics that relate to security culture - for biographical reasons often with a pop-cultural slant. [Articles]
Julian Junk

Julian Junk - jjunk

Political and administrative scientist at Goethe-University Frankfurt. Works mainly on humanitarian interventions and the Responsibility to Protect as well as transatlantic security politics and African security architecture. [Articles]

Gabi Schlag

Gabi Schlag - gabischlag

Political scientist at the University of Magdeburg. She blogs about the visualization of security and collective security institutions. [Articles]
Irene Weipert-Fenner

Irene Weipert-Fenner - iweipert

Research associate at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. Focuses mainly on authoritarian regimes, parliamentarianism and politics and contemporary history of the Middle East [Articles]

Marco Fey

Marco Fey

Marco Fey (@marco_fey) is a research associate at Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (@HSFK_PRIF). His research interests are arms control and American foreign and security policy. [Articles]
Valentin Rauer

Valentin Rauer - vrauer

Valentin Rauer has studied medicine and social science and works as a research associate at Goethe-University Frankfurt. He focuses on culture, media and integration. [Articles]

Georgios Kolliarakis

Georgios Kolliarakis - kolliarakis

Georgios Kolliarakis is a research associate at Goethe-University Frankfurt. His areas of expertise are conflict research, security policy and security communication. [Articles]
Hakim Khatib

Hakim Khatib

Hakim Khatib is a political scientist and analyst at Fulda and Darmstadt Universities of Applied Sciences and Phillips University Marburg in Germany. Hakim is a PhD candidate in political science on political instrumentalisation of Islam in the Middle East and its implications on political development at the University of Duisburg-Essen and the founder and editor-in-chief of the Mashreq Politics and Culture Journal (MPC Journal).

Thea Riebe - theariebe

Thea Riebe studies and oscillates between peace- and conflict studies and computer science at Frankfurt University and Darmstadt University of Applies Sciences. [Articles]