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Our most recent podcast: We were able to talk to the Japanese cultural anthropologist Mihara Ryôtarô while he visited Frankfurt in July for a talk on the Coool Japan Initiative [link]. As we have written on K-Pop in the past, we were very interested to talk about this kind of export promotion of cultural goods as a foreign policy strategy: Do export subsidies of J-Pop artifacts really promote Japanese soft power in the region? What are the dangers of promoting certain images of Japanese-ness? And is fried sushi really cool?


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Mihara Ryôtarô Interview

Mihara Ryôtarô talking with Philipp Offermann and Martin Schmetz (from left to right)

Popkulturexport als Soft Power Strategie

von Martin Schmetz

Wer in Deutschland an Korea denkt, dem fällt wahrscheinlich Samsung ein, Hyundai oder Kia. Danach aber wird die Luft dünn. Fragt man in Asien, fallen die Antworten anders aus: Girls Generation, TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Kara, Big Bang, Super Junior und 2NE1. Winter Sonata, Endless Love, Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers oder Daejanggeum. Korea exportiert in Asien extrem erfolgreich Popkultur und fördert dies gezielt als strategische Ressource.

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