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by Florian Grunert


Part VIII of our series on cyberpeace
Cyberpeace-Logo Taube ‚digital‘: CC BY-SA 3.0 mit Nennung „Sanne Grabisch für die Cyberpeace-Kampagne des FIfF

The prefix cyber, prepended onto terms like war, peace, security, and so on, results in interesting word combinations which we construct with our spoken language. Many scholars, from political to social science, have discussed the terms and the semantics of it in order to understand the problem and to create some scientific value out of it. But this article will not be another endless discussion on whether cyberfoo exists [1] somewhere in any computer network at the moment or not.

The careful reader has seen that the title of this article has something to do with language – but not only with our spoken languages. What I want to discuss is a theoretical aspect of defense research regarding the inherent insecurity of computer languages and their usage in today’s computers, which are programmed by human beings (most of the time). This article is an offer and maybe a response to the article How to Abolish Cyberwar by Dr. Miriam Dunn Calvelty.

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